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[reminder] the average wage for all industries in 2015 was the highest...

ring inanews.
com (ID:newsxinhua) reporter: Li Jinlei collected data of National Bureau of Statistics announced on 13 2015 the average wage data,
all of a table platform survey unit employment average annual wage of 53615 yuan,
the National Urban Non private units,
the average wage is 62029 yuan,
the national urban employment in the private unit the average wage is 39589 yuan.
In non private sectors,
the industry with the highest average annual wage is 114777 yuan,
the first time it exceeded 110 thousand yuan,
while the average wage of mining industry has witnessed negative growth for the first time in years.
Increase in 2015 in the average annual wage of post employment.
From the National Bureau of Statistics survey of the average wage of all units over 50 thousand yuan,
and more middle management is the highest National Bureau of statistics on a table networking platform for direct report of 16 industry categories of more than 930 thousand corporate units survey,
a survey of all table

Living list May 13th WeChat public influence list

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What should a good VC offer besides money?

ring oud,
dry cargo you need to know more about entrepreneurship.
Spend 5-7 minutes reading deeply.
What advantages can investors give you on the road to entrepreneurship? The author,
Suranga Chandratillake,
is a general partner of Balderton Capital.
Prior to this,
he founded the network video intelligent search engine blinkx,
served as the company CEO eight years,
and achieved profitability,
completed the listing,
the market value of more than  billion.
Theres a new guy in your life.
This could be a boy.
He may be wearing denim pants and a blue shirt,
standing awkwardly next to the coffee machine in your startup kitchen,
trying to chat with your backend server team and trying unsuccessfully.
The main reason for start-up ventures is lack of money.
But entrepreneurs should expect their investors to make more money than they do on the table.
Every entrepreneur can expect their investors to bring seven benefits to the situation.
If you already have venture capitalists,
you can read this article.
If y

From Wang Feng to Wang Feng, the domestic Ampquot blue axe's first home host Ampquot birth

ring oud depth you can see,
15-20 minutes of deep reading,
hunting cloud for you explain Wang Fengs story.
Wang Feng is angry.
It was rumored that there was some conflict with the site provider,
who was later informed that the conference was postponed.
The participants arrived early in the field of security away the bottle,
told not to enter,
so a lot of people stuck in the hospital,
the crowd outside the gate came in the afternoon,
in the 751 Art Zone under the hot sun waiting for half an hour,
and the other part of the participants in Jiuxianqiao area the bad traffic jams and endless slitherings.
At the press conference the day morning,
still in the work I saw at the scene still back duzhan polygon all through the night and other staff of the pictures (possible subsequent considerations of confidentiality,
message withdrawn) and Wang Feng in a few days before the start of the conference that same person participation and media attention to the work of PR,
input and ax conference we next to

The Cannes carpet star without a piece of work is really that bad

ring w article,
from Sina entertainment,
has a perennial run of Europes three major film festival experience reporter Liu Min.
There is no cynical comment on Chinese movies and a more objective comment on the phenomenon of carpet star.
It is a very pertinent comment.
In 2016,
the curtain for the 69 Cannes International Film Festival opened,
and the Chinese language media and the audience watched the movie: Chinese movies disappeared this years official election unit.
As the worlds second largest film market,
Chinese film absent,
this years Cannes Film Festival,
and even an official non competition face did not earn,
how much it is easy to draw criticism.
In fact,
each country may have a choice between different film festivals or units because of the film production cycle and the issue of the issue,
and occasionally a year is not enough to represent a films current situation.
Alarming is on the upgrade of Chinese film market,
most of the movie people to catch the tide of commercial movie,

Shock wave character theme into Captain America 3 Soundtrack tells me how to say I love you

ring ou the full range of film and television music articles push news,
history subscription to Le Chi,
and together we focus on film music for one hundred years shock wave shock wave size (Shock Wave) No.
10 character theme into chaos Captain America 3 soundtrack called me how to say love you | planning Le Chi tenth film music podcast shock wave! (weve got two digits at last,
T _T).
The movie has been changing since the beginning of the 08 year,
and now its Captain America 3.
How about the N movie? This time,
a small slot mode will be launched,
and incidentally,
Ill tell you about the soundtrack content that spans 8 years.
In addition,
at the end of the program,
there are newly added exclusive mysterious eggs,
welcome to listen! Note: This program is not content spoilers.
The shock wave No10 character theme into chaos,
Captain America 3 soundtrack called me to love you shock wave is a movie music themed podcast,
belonging to the public,
WeChat shadow Chi (ID:Soundt

ring e husband in Faye Yu Lu Xiaobei and mature in the face of a fiend in human shape of the two male Tiankun to lifetime candidate,
Lu Xiaobei had chosen a fiend in human shape.
If its you,
how do you choose it? I dont have to watch this TV play at first time,
listening to friends about all sorts of gossip very sniff at,
said to them: this is the TV series,
if return to real life and Faye Yu will be many people like Lu Xiaobei admonished: punks in love can also play to play,
do not marry,
so a man without a sense of responsibility,
is not mature enough,
can not rely on,
not able to marry the man.
But a few episodes,
I seem to know a little about Faye Yus reasons.
Why do we feel mature and responsible men can be entrusted to life? Because they are reliable because they are thoughtful because they can take risks for you and your family.
But what if a man like that doesnt love you at all? A friend of mine got a super mature man to get married.
When he was six years old,
the man filed for divorce